CARMA EDGE Single Object Display

This interface is intended for browsing data for individual galaxies.
If you would like to download EDGE data for many galaxies, please go to the bulk download page.

To retrieve an image, select the galaxy name and the type of CO image you would like to view or download.

Galaxy Name: CO Image Type: Download FITS Image NED Data
CARMA CO Image SDSS g-Band Image

Please cite the CARMA EDGE data paper (Bolatto et al. 2017) if you use these data in presentations or publications.

See the bulk download page for detailed information about how the moment maps were generated.

Data Cube Flyaround

The movie below was created using yt and ffmpeg. This shows the CO cube colored and contoured by intensity. The initial view has north at the upper right. The colorscale for the contours can be viewed here.

Surface Plot

The visualization below was created using Plotly. Images have been aligned, normalized to the peak value, and stacked as follows: the V-band CALIFA image at bottom, the CO moment-0 map (dilated mask) in the middle, and the H-alpha CALIFA image at top. For galaxies with no signal the CO map has been omitted. The plot can be re-oriented by clicking and dragging the mouse within the window.


Tony Wong, Yuanze Luo, Matthew J. Turk
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign